Jomo Barnett Seven Sisters Holistic Healing Institute

Jomo Barnett

Board Member

Greetings from Jamaica! I am an entrepreneur, digital marketer and travel enthusiast with a newly renewed love for life and all the secrets, trials and rewards the universe contains. My venture into philanthropy began in 2014, when I started leading trips and arranging volunteer projects in Jamaica to provide help to the needy. Sadly, Jamaica and the world in general STILL has too many people who are in need. This is the primary reason why I decided to join the board of Seven Sisters Holistic Healing Institute; to help those in need.

Michele and the rest of the Seven Sisters Holistic Healing Institute team have done an amazing job of fundraising for the various causes that we support, which has inspired me to take action and give back a whole lot more as well. Please join us in securing aid for projects that include food security, permaculture, healing, food banks and helping the less fortunate.