Soul Soil

Boutique composting in Cave Creek, New River, Desert Mountain, Carefree, Scottsdale North and Rio Verde

Soul Soil is a commitment to honor and replenish the earth, by returning the nutrients to the Soil.


Our mission is to create awareness and interest in our community by recycling community waste and to design and create ‘boutique’ composting sites throughout our Community. Each home can have its own Soul Soil. It can be as simple as burying the vegetable food scraps from your kitchen in the backyard!

Our vision is to create multiple sites in and around the Cave Creek and Carefree area that would make composting a simple addition to the food chain for everyone who is interested in healing the Earth.

Our actions include hands-on demonstrations of the many different ways of composting on various sites locally.

Progress to Date:

We collect food waste from the Cave Creek area restaurants and community members. We will build and utilize composting piles, composting bins, worm bins and black larvae stations, swamp tea fermentation to experiment and explore composting options, in addition to supplying food for local area residents with chickens and pigs.

Soul Soil Seven Sisters Hollistic Healing Institute

How You Can Contribute:

  • Currency: Donate USD, US Notes, Coins, Dinar, Bolivar, Zim Bonds, Gold, Silver or other precious metals.
  • Time: Spend time supporting the cause.
  • Resources:
    • Use your backyard, or land for composting and returning nutrients to the soil. We can show you how.
    • Be a strong and committed partner in collecting and transporting compost waste from local restaurants
    • Provide, or donate a truck
    • Provide access to an industrial weed chipper
    • Provide the use of an Industrial cardboard shredder
    • Provide the use of an Industrial coffee grinder
    • Donate, or purchase lidded labeled buckets for restaurant and community waste pick up
    • Donate of purchase 50-gallon barrels and spigots for weed tea
    • Donate or purchase pallets/ bricks and framing materials for compost bins
    • Donate or purchase black dirt for pile starters and bins
    • Donate or purchase Professional thorn proof gardening gloves
    • Donate or purchase Professional gloves for waste pickup
    • Donate or purchase Worms

Contributing Financially:

Tithing can be done with a credit card, however, we recommend that you select the US Bank Account option to process your tithe to reduce processing fees.

You also have the option to send a wire transfer to the official bank account of Seven Sister Holistic Healing Institute – Nonprofit Corporation Under 26 U.S.C. Section 508 (c)(1)(A) – EIN: 88-4055719. Click the button below for wire transfer information.

Soul Soil teaches you how to return nutrients to the soil

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